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About Us

About Us



Start to Finish vision is to get you to drive safely for the rest of your life. Our aim is to make your time whist learning enjoyable and fun.

Learning to drive road map.


At Start to Finish School of Motoring our average first time pass rate over the last five years has been between  60 to 67%. Compare this with the national average 2017/18 year to date (March 18) 46.6%. This is a great achievement. We use a number of teaching methods to suit every pupil. We use progress reports to monitor pupils progress and closely follow the driving standards agency syllabubs. 


Why Choose us

We are committed to teaching pupils how to drive safely. We track your progress and regularly put steps in place to make progress. We will give you things to do in between lessons to enhance training. We will also provide help with the theory test. You receive the time that you pay for. Whilst training we will make it enjoyable and fun.

What we don't do;

  • Pig back driving lessons (Pupil drives to the next pupils house and then the next pupil drives them home).
  • Just drive on test routes.
  • Shout and swear.
  • Cut the lessons 5/10 minutes early.
  • Arrive late without any notice.
  • Take calls in the lesson time.
  • Smoke.

About our driving instructor

ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)

Whilst a lot of driving instructor just get there Full Instructing licence (Green badge), at start to finish we don't just leave it there. We are committed to CPD (continued professional development).

Our driving instructor also teaches 11 to 16 year olds on how to drive at Young Drive at the Bedford Autodrome. Also the Instructor is the Young Drive Coordinator for the MSV Group.